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  1. I need help picking a camcorder. I received a Canon ES420V as a gift and I have been waivering back and forth between this camcorder and one the salesman at the store says is a much better camcorder despite the fact it is 3 years old and $200 more. It is the Sony TVR 82. The Sony does have stereo audio but not as good as a zoom lens, the canon has 22X optical and 700X zoom. The Sony does have stabilization, the Canon does not. Also the Canon seems to give me a better picture in low light the Sony seems grainy when used in the house at night. Please give me any help and direction I have been back and forth from the store 4 times and have swaped cameras twice!If there is another camcorder in this price range please let me know if I should think of another one instead. I use the camcorder for basic home video of the kids and family. I do some video editting of the tapes on computer but plan to do more of it. ANy help would be great. FYI I am not ready to take the plunge into Digital just yet so I am going to stay with the Hi8 format

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  2. I have a Sony Hi8 TR-917 and it has worked well for me. I bought it about 3 years ago for around $700 (you can probably get essentially the same camera today for $300-350).

    What are the prices for each? I have seen the TRV88 priced at around $450. I can only assume the TRV82 is a predecessor.

    I don't really know much about the Canon. I would try searching the web for both model numbers and see if you find anything (you have probably already done that).

    Ultimately you have to 'go with your gut' - just make sure you are getting a good deal.
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  3. I have tried searching the web for the Canon ES420v wich was purchased for $440, with a filter, extra battery and a tape. There is very little on the camera and there are no reviews that I can find. The Sony TRV82 will cost $640 with the same extras. The Sony as I said is three years old the Canon is a new product recently introduced. Does the lack of the stabilizer really make a big difference? The Sony seems over priced to me but was the cats meow a few years ago. The Canon is fairly priced. I am so caught up I am starting to spin. Thanks for the help.

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  4. Honestly, I don't know how much the image stabilization helps. My old 8mm Canon didn't have it and my Sony does. It only makes a difference under certain circumstances. I think in helps in scenes with a lot of movement (duh!).

    The Sony price seems a bit high to me too (although the batteries can be expensive - what's the hour rating on the batteries with the Sony?). Maybe try calling a local camera shop and asking them what they would give you for a 'perfect condition' Sony TRV82 and the accessories...see what they say. Add $100-$150 on to that and that's probably what they would sell it for.

    Does the Sony have XR (extended resolution)? If so that will take the horizontal up to 440 lines. The Canon is probably 400. Digital is usually 530.

    So the Canon is mono?

    Another place you might want to look is at on-line auction sites to see if any Sony TRV82's have been sold and what they went for.

    I'm sure the Sony is a good just need to decide if it's worth $200 more. Your video tests might be the final variable to look at. Are you going to create VCDs or SVCDs? Maybe give it a go with video from both cameras (assuming you have video from both) and see what you like better.

    I'm not much help am I?
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  5. I do apprecitae the replies. I have been going back and forth on this. I have not made any VCD or SVCD's yet. I have stricklty taken avi rendered it to mpeg and then copied that to a cd. I am still undecided and don't really know what will point me in the right direction. I guess for the money the Canon seems to be the right choice. I can always sell it online or trade it in if I am not happy so being htat I really don't want to go back to the store for a forth time and swipe cameras again for the third time I guess I will go with the Canon. Either one won't make my inlaws any better looking!
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