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  1. err... I meant to say WinDVR 1.8

    but 8 + ) = 8) ... haha... messed up.
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  2. OK, I just got off the phone w/ a Visiontek technician. They changed their website so much it's hard to find the right phone number!

    Anyway, the guy told me to use their newer drivers on their website, and he will send me WinDVR 1.8 on a CD. So... can anyone tell me where I can dl WDM 1.08 and display driver 14.61?

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  3. i've got the 14.61 drivers and wdm 1.08. email me and i'll hook you up.
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  4. Well I had a good long time getting the remote to work with this card and after reading all the info here finally got it working. the only thing I can add here is how I got the latest versions of windvd and windvr to work with this card and remote. I had windvr3 and windvd5 Platinum loaded already then I loaded the original video and capture drivers(14.61 and 1.08) and then installed the original windvd3 and dvr1.5 (install created it's own seperate folders). now when I use the remote to load either program the later versions load and seem to work perfectly!
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