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  1. I've done a boatload of reading over the last few weeks, and I can safely say that conversion, burning and playback of movies is some of the most complicated and bug ridden stuff I've come across in a long time.

    Anyway, I haven't yet found a complete answer for the follwing questions; just conflicting answers and partial solutions.

    First, I have a Pacific Digital 12x10x32 and NTI Cd Maker 2000 (bundled version). I have been able to overburn up to about 730Mb's or so. {According to a chart I found awhile back, Pacific Digital's do not officially support overburning.....what gives here?}

    After reading many threads saying you can stick 800Mbs+ on a 700Mb cd, I tried setting the NTI option for Mode2/XA mode, but it won't burn anymore that mode 1.

    I just read a few more threads stating that you can only get 800Mb's when burning s/vcd. Is this absolutely correct?; that it _must_ be in standard s/vcd format?

    Someone posted a link ( ) to software that supposedly allows non-mpgs to use XA mode. I'll be checking that one out for my divx files.

    But, here's another spot I'm not understanding. According to another thread I read, s/vcd files already have the error correction taken out, iow, it's already in mode2. If files need to be encoded in mode2 beforehand, then why does my NTI program allow me to select the burn mode? I'm a bit confused on this.

    {Update: I just looked over the NTI site, and apparently my bundled version does not support vcd burning. Also, they say they have added support for overburning in the latest 5.0 version, which may explain why I am limited on overburning.

    Any help here is appreciated!
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    This is the straight can fit more data/files on a CD by overburning. Not all writers support overburning, not all software support overburning and the amount that can be overburnt varies by media manufacturer....dont ask why does.

    Now the 800mb on a 700mb disc....we are not talking overburning...we are talking mpeg1 and 2 movie files burnt in VCD and SVCD format. NOT data or programs or avi's. Now of course the burning program must support VCD and SVCD to do it. I use Nero, a 4x4x32 I/Omagic cdrw burner and the cheapest 700mb CDR's I can find. The largest movie file that I have burned todate (without any errors) is 785 to 790mb...I disable overburning and accept most of the Nero defaults.

    Like I said these are the facts....I have at least 30 VCD's with over 700mb on them.
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  3. Until today I wasn't able to write 800 Mb of mpeg2 files in svcd mode2 under Nero...
    The reason was that my files were out of specs (essentially due to high bitrates) and telling Nero to ignore such caused it not to write cd's in the proper mode.
    When I tried giving Nero files encoded within svcd's specifications, it all went fine

    Now, my question is: is there a way to stuff 800Mb -high bitrate- files on Svcd's, using Nero and normal 80min/700Mb cd's?

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