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    Not to sure if this fits here or somewhere else.
    MODS: feel free to move it if you need to.

    Question: In the rather long postings in Drewson99 post (F*ing Irritating)
    there was mention of having 2 HD's stacked as being a problem with

    Is there a good remedy to cool stacked HD's? I am only asking this
    cause my case does not have anymore open slots to move them to.
    I have 2 CD drives, 2 HD's and a floppy. I only have 5 slots.
    I am considering dropping the floppy as I really do not use it anymore.
    I either email small files or burn them.

    Any ideas are always appreciated

    I am asking this due to overheating related problems with burning
    and encoding that I have had since getting the CD-RW drive.
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    Personally I doubt his problem was overheating... but anyways...

    I always try to keep my "hot" devides seperated by at least on drive bay. These include fast drives and dvd-roms. mainly. I've had more than one cd-rw drive go belly up from being over a DVD-Rom drive it's a real PITA. If you cannot seperate the drives start lookin at 5.25 drive enclosures, fan inserts, or a bigger case.
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    Bigger Case, Duh. Why did I not think of that. Thanks.
    Probably cost less than getting like 80 fans (j/k)

    Thanks again!
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    I don't think heat is the problem either, but I was curious what the HDD coolers were...
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