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  1. black,

    when I load my m2v in Maestro it says 'Media Not Supported Error'

    the m2v plays fine in PowerDVD..

    was I suppose to demux Dolby Digital or MPEG Audio or both? Cause I only did MPEG Audio and got a wav file instead of ac3.. could that be why I am getting this error?

    can't think of any other reason, I followed those steps(option 3) right..
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  2. You need to apply a 3:2 pulldown to the file. Search for "pulldown.exe" for more info.
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  3. Hey enemy,
    I would have to wholeheartedly agree with you about ifoedit. The whole "stripping the fat" idea has saved me the hassle(not to mention time) of re-encoding several movies. This method usually works even if the movie is bigger than 4.3 gigs. After you strip out the things you'll never use, the movie is almost always(with some exceptions) small enough to fit onto a dvdr. Thanks for the info. It really helped!
    Sometimes, ya just gotta.....umm, what's the word........FART???
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  4. Can you tel me where to get DVD Maestro ?
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  5. Hi there
    thanks to your help i have made a single layer dvd copy but in the larger double layer cannot get past theTMPGEnc stage. NO MATTER WHAT I DO IT WILL NOT OPEN THE *.d2v file. I am using xp fully updated and have installed nimo codec pack it states cannot open or unsupported file please help.

    Are DVDxCopy and DVDtoDVDr good programs or more trouble than they're worth.

    Does anyone know where To get a copy of DVDMaestro?

    Is there any way to copy a DVD-9 movie to DVD-5 disc and still keep all of the menus and extras without losing much, or any video and sound quality?

    Thanks Guys. Happy Holidays
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  6. Hi guys!
    I found this side and was happy to find help with the DVD copying matter.
    I ripped the DVD (with the DVD Decrypter) and managed to play it on my software player after I edit the files with IFOEdit.
    But now I have 2 problems: I am using Nero and when i write the test dvd which fits onto one DVD-RW, it won't start the film. I already tried different modes (UDF 1.02 and 1.05), but it didn't work (Iam using the Pioneer A05 writer).
    2nd when I try a DVD which is over 4.7 G and split it to 2 discs it won't create the VIDEO_TS.X files in each disc folder even when AutoCopy Menu-files to destination is checked in VOB Extras map.
    Anybody an idea what goes wrong?
    thx in advance.
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  7. Dear forum!
    I have figured out the failures.
    For anybody who made maybe the same mistakes here are the answeres to my questions:
    The burning of the dvd with nero did work with all modes (because the newer dvd players can read UDF 1.02 and 1.05) just the dvd software didn't work proper. With powerdvd I was able to read the dvd and play the complete movie.
    For the problem with the 2 disc where I didn't get the directory files VIDEO_TS.XXX I named my destination directory d:\DVD_VIDEO\VIDEO_TS\ in IFOEDIT and the last \ was wrong. So it just wrote the movie files into it, but the directory file couldn't locate this folder. (the program made a \ by itself and tried to write the directory files into d:\DVD_VIDEO\\VIDEO_TS\).
    So hard work is paid.
    Greatings mysty113.
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  8. Hope some can answer a simple question for me please. I followed the EnemyWithin guide worked perfect except it wont burn. I have the VIDEO file and the AUDIO files. I used 2 different types of media and using Record Now Max. It wont even start to burn this is the error I get
    Terminated with Errors.

    Any ideas would be great thanks.

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  9. Can someone help me out? When I'm using DVD Decryptor I can't seem to get any AC3 files. They are selected when I go to extract, but they are not in the file when finished.
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  10. I've received the same error in maestro while doing the last step of option 3..."Media not Supported.."
    Have you had any luck in figuring out the problem?

    Originally Posted by In2ishun
    I followed the tutorial (option 3) to the letter and found that there is some inaccurate steps with using DVD2AVI. No sweat, I figured it out.


    DVDMaestro is the last thing giving me problems. It doesn't seem to like nearly any video file I try to import. The specific error is "Media Not Supported Error (0xC10B0002)". I assume that my settings in TMPGenc are the genesis of this error. I've tried changing the settings around, to no avail.

    Have I got a bunk copy of Maestro or is there a VERY specific media format it's looking for? Perhaps my MPEG2 decoder version isn't the right one.

    Any assistance is GREATLY appreciated.

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  11. I've successfully authored a dvd backup and it plays correctly, however, I either get subtitles ALL the time or never, ie: the native/foreign subtitles that show up only when someone is speaking a different language is NOT there. Is there a separate sub channel that displays only native subs or did I do something wrong--I followed Blackout's guide. Thanks in advance
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    Hi Guys,

    I have been looking over Blackouts tutorial for the past couple of days with quite a bit of success.

    I am just puzzled on one thing and am wondering if anyone would be able to help me out.

    When it comes to the option 1 tutorial this is obvious, copy and burn.
    When it comes to the option 3 tutorial, also obvious, extract, split video and audio, squash video re-encode, burn.

    My problem is when it comes to option 2, obviousley you wont need to squash the video as it fits on the dvd, but in DVD Decrypter, when i go into stream processing, i tick the little box, choose for example, the video, english 6 ch audio and english subtitles. i select the demux method and i click to copy to the hard drive.


    There are several M2V video files (one for each vob file) and NO AC3 audio file, in fact there is no audio file at all!!!!

    Does anyone know why i am not getting my audio stream output?
    also, with several video files do you just put one after the other in maestro and they flawlesly follow on from each other?

    If the audio stream doesn't work for you guys either do you just output the video vob files then use DVD2AVI to get the video and audio streams?

    Cheers for your help, just wondering if everyone else has this audio probem when demuxing with DVD Decrypter.

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  13. Hi there fellas,

    I took about a hour maybe more then that reading your 6 pages of posts. I have a question i think wasn't touched on to much. I have 3 SVCD files with AC3 sounds that i encoded to dvd format and imported to spruce. I can make a dvd ect fine but must of u disreguard the menus. What are the exact files i would need for the original menus? I do not actually have the dvd here I was hoping I could get someone to send me the files needed for the menus... they would have to be small right? i got the .subs and .ifo from the original dvd to but they didnt seem to have the menus

    Anyhelp is sooo apperciated. You all have been a major help without your guides and fighting over better ways to do this stuff nothing would be possible

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  14. Matt,
    Having the same problem you are when I'm in IFO mode on the decrypter, try using file mode. I'm still working on how to figure out the IFO mode because I get m2v's instead of vob's as well.
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  15. You will get m2v instead of vob if you demux the video in the the streaming options.
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  16. JasonK,
    What do you suggest instead of Demux to get VOB files?
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    Hi guys i've spend some time looking at different software, because i didn't think i was really getting anywhere with teh software i was using.

    I Still use DVD Decrypter to rip the files, simple in file mode then rip them off.

    Next i tried using IFOEdit, i always sterred clear of this program but i didn't really know why? i just had never used it and it got a lot of bad press here. So i used it any way you know don't know it until you've tried it. and i have to say it is absolutely piss work to use!! it si so good!!

    Then i just copy to dvd.

    for videos that are bigger than the dvd i tried ReMPEG but i find it very very long ad encoding the movies so i am going back to TMPGEnc for encoding.

    Hope this helps if you wanna know how to use IFOEdit go here it is very easy to use and i think it works great!!

    The reason i use IFOEdit is because i couldn't get the subtitles working properly in Maestro. If anyone knows the best way to get subtitles working in maestro please let me know because i still want to use Maestro to create my own DVD's

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  18. I have an HP DVD Writer dvd200e. I have downloaded DVDdecrypter and as i am burning, the process stops at 99% and wll not complete. Can anyone help me and tell me how to fix this problem please. Thanks in advance!
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    Hallo Blackout,
    you wrote in your Tutorial,you never have seen a manual for DVD Maestro- I have it and could send it to you.
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  20. raverbrains have you tried smart ripper or claddvd to name some other rippers......
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  21. hi ppl,

    i have updated my tutorial a bit:

    1:/ changed the DVD2AVI bit from "load the ifo file..." to "load the VOB file"...doh

    2:/ changed option 2 where you extract the streams need to choose demux for the movie file, AND then select the audio file and re-select DEMUX (the Demux setting is independant for the different streams)

    hope this helps with any confusion

    Great to hear so many ppl are having sucess with this method...theres over 200,000 views of my post. wow...sounds like its about time my Maestro Tutorial bit was made into a "How To" on this site....

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  22. Retired from video stuff MackemX's Avatar
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    good guide but I thought you woulda updated Option 2 to just use DVDToolbox?

    does the job perfectly by keeping everything you want and all in less than 10 mins processing

    although in that guide it states you rip the complete DVD when you don't necessarily have too, cos you only need to rip the relevant files


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  23. Hi,

    there are a couple of new bits of software that have been made since my original post many months ago. A few of them do simplify things a little, but ive played with many for ages and theyre still so buggy that they work nice in theory, but are useless in practice. Most of this stuff is made free by ppl just trying to help so we cant criticize them for trying. Maybe in 6 months some will be stable enough to be worth mentioning.

    I will check out DVDtoolbox tho...thanks

    I would like to mention tho that the recent "swab" of do-it-all dvd9 to dvd5 convertor programs are a welcome sight, unfortunately they use poor convertors in place of my CCE method. You simply cant beat CCE and its algorithm, and these other young and often free encoders built into these programs just cant compete. You get macroblocks and pulsing of the picture, etc where they cut corners such as only processing certain frames. If any of these programs allowed us to use CCE to do the transcoding, THEN WE WOULD HAVE A PRODUCT TO WRITE A POST ABOUT@!

    I do have some faith in one of these products only tho: The Pinnacle product InstantCopy...they have a long history of quality products and the quality of the conversions come close to CCE's quality...closest...their algorithms are well tested and ive been playing with this one for some time and testing does shine "quality"....its very close to converting me from my method above...I just mentioned this in passing, here is not the place to start discussions on alternate methods, theres a million posts already on these all-in-one programs. not sold...yet. A few more bugs to iron out in it.

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