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  1. danymite,

    When you rip the DVD, make sure to go to Mode->File to see all the files on the DVD. Then you can either 1). select them all or 2). select all the VIDEO_TS.* files and all the VTS_xx_xx.* that correspond to the main movie VOB's (usually the one that has a bunch of 1GB files). If you don't understand choice 2, then just select all of them

    * I updated the tutorial to better explain that.
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  2. Just wanted to say that I was getting help earlier and I went the easy route with a single layer movie, Dumb and Dumber <4.7G Used DVD Decrypter to make an iso and then burnt it from the same program. Thanks for the help will be back for info on the dual layer when I get some more discs.
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    Danymite, this is a difficult process ...
    YouŽll take hours and days of work until you burn your first DVD >4,3 on a 4,3GB Disk... hehehe

    But youŽll not be sorry man !

    Stay awake and dont stop ! you can do it man !
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  4. I am a programmer by profession and find the DVD very interesting! I installed my burner on Monday and after reading a load of information here-and-there, I feel I have a good handle on the overall process.

    Similar to writing a program, there a many ways to skin-a-cat! I am testing multiple methods. Unfortunately my time is limited and I must set goals for myself each night, etc. Once I find a proven/comfortable method, I feel everything will fall into place.

    I find it entertaining to learn more and more about the encoding/decoding/etc., but it seems the quickest method to replicate an existing DVD>4.7 would be to split it.

    Looking for some basic thoughts ... Do you think it is best to strip-down a DVD>4.7 to fit a DVD<4.7, or to simply burn the DVD>4.7 to two DVD<4.7?
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  5. Looking for some basic thoughts ... Do you think it is best to strip-down a DVD>4.7 to fit a DVD<4.7, or to simply burn the DVD>4.7 to two DVD<4.7?
    It all depends on what you want your final result to be. For speed and quality, splitting to 2 is probably the way to go. For cost and convenience, stripping/transcoding is where it's at. It's really a personal preference.

    For me, I always go the stripping/transcoding route. I strip out the basic movie (I hate the menus and FBI warnings etc.) and see if it will fit on a DVD-R. If it doesn't, then I start transcoding. I always do stripping, even if the original DVD is <4.3GB, simply because I don't want the menus and other crap. I just want to stick the DVD-R in the drive and have the movie start playing. And I definately don't want to have to get up in the middle of the movie and swap disks. Not to mention having to store and label 2 discs (with associated costs including the media). 2 discs also increases the chances of losing a disc, scratching a disc, breaking a disc, etc.
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  6. Good point ... The ability to rip a DVD gives me flexibility! I have looked into purchasing bulk media to lower cost ... seems you can get a DVD-R for about $1-$1.50 each.

    Any thoughts on the DVD-R 9.4 gig discs? I just found them in the $2-$3 range. Is it possible to rip one large ISO image and burn back to the 9.4 disc?? Obviously the cost is a bit more, but you could strip the extras and still prevent the need to recode.
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  7. A 9.4GB disc is a just a double sided 4.7GB disc. You just flip the disc over and record on the opposite side. There would be no difference in the copying process from using 2x4.7GB or 1x9.4GB, besides having 2 physical discs instead of just 1.

    Also, you can't label the 9.4GB discs. I like the nice pretty labels that I make
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    To EnemyWithin:

    I got hot that you didn't want to answer my simple question since you had obviously taken a lot of your time to post all the screen shots and provide the other info. I didn't mean to imply you had to do anything--it just seemed in character that someone kind enough to share all the other info would answer the simple question, even a dumb one. I'm 50+ and use computers all day at work but I'm not a data p person. I've never seen a W drive before. Thanks again for your other help.

    I like most of the other newby's to this process have spent the last 3 or 4 weeks trying to figure it out. The 3 weeks before that I had EBAY vendor trouble with software and a Pioneer Drive that didn't load or run--they didn't want to replace them and finally did--so my patience is wearing thin trying to get this to work night after night.

    I have it all together except for the final burning stage and am still trying to get that to work. The finished files in my new folder will play on my PC software. Am using Prassi for Pioneer to burn but I get a Disk error when finished. I'm using the cheap Media so I'm going to try a full erase to see if that solves the disk burning/working.

    To Blackout and others:

    Is there a workable tutorial for spliting a DVD larger than 4.3GB. The option of using ISO read/write is not available to me, I think, because I am running Windows 98.

    And since the DVDMaestro software is no longer available, that isn't an option either. Is there another route I can use?

    Please have a little patience with me--I'm an old fart!

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  9. LynnsABCs ...

    Sounds like you have been through and/or going through the boot camp of DVD-DVD Nonetheless, sounds like you are on the right path. Once you get to the finish line you will know what it takes to win ... future tasks should be much easier

    I found the following link to helpful:

    Scroll to the bottom and click on 'Basic Guide' in the 'IfoEdit Guides' section ... get a nice cold drink and prepare to learn. It may seem a bit overwhelming, but it's not. Simply break-down each task and you will begin to see the many paths to make this process work ... there is no one right way, simply a handful of choices to get to the final destination!
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  10. EnemyWithin ...

    Sounds like the double-side is simply that ... double sided If I could play the double sided DVD without have to flip-it in the standalone unit when watching a movie, I would be game.

    O'well, back to the strip-rip or 2 4.7s!

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  11. I don't know of any standalones that will flip the disc for you.

    It would probably be easier to get a DVD changer and put your 2 DVD-R's next to each other in it. Then you can at least switch discs from the comfort of your own couch
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  12. Okay, a bit off the topic ... regarding ReMPEG2

    I have cleaned the video/files and now I am ready to re-code the video. I have searched/found another message regarding the topic on this forum which you replied.

    I realize ReMPEG2 is slooooow, but I'm in the middle of using it and find myself a bit confused. I created the appropriate file listing my VOBs (no prob) - open/read the file in ReMPEG2 (no prob) - hit encode and very quick response (maybe 10 seconds) ... at this point I know something is wrong

    I closed/opened ReMPEG2. After ReMPEG2 loaded, I went to open a file. My question is which file do I open? Do I need to open and encode each VOB? Maybe I should use a different program to do the job?
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  13. Make sure that the first line in your .cffl file is:


    For ReMPEG2, try the Doom9 guide. Click "The Guides" on the left and then "DVD and miniDVD Guide" and then scroll down to the "ReMPEG2 guide". I used this guide to do my first ReMPEG2 transcode. Although the quality of ReMPEG2 isn't even close to CCE (and the speed is terrible), it is convenient to use as you can remux directly into IFOEDIT.

    While it might take a little more time and effort to use TMPGEnc or CCE, it is time well spent! If you dont mind learning to use an authoring program (DVD Maestro, SpruceUp, etc), then I would avoid ReMPEG2.

    Also, be careful with any movie that has interlaced cells in it (like the Warner Brothers logo sequence at the beginning of all of their movies). ReMPEG2 will not be able to properly transcode these movies unless you remove the interlaced cells.
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  14. EnemyWithin ... Thanks for the advise!

    I will look into CCE tonight. I have used Studio 7 in the past to create some good video using my DV camera. I try it to render my DVD ... should be interesting to state the least!
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  15. Just make sure that Studio 7 supports AC3 sound tracks. And dont forget to fix any time delay in the AC3 file before remuxing (there is a tool that does this for you...AC3 Delay Corrector).

    To get CCE to work properly, you need to get current versions of both Avisynth (I use v2.05) and mpeg2dec.dll (can't remember the version). Check the Doom9 Avisynth forum for more information. And use CCE v2.50, as the newer version doesn't support importing .avs scripts (from what I have read).
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  16. Hey Enemy

    thanks for the help but I have a few questions. I pretty much followed your guide to the letter except I did not load VTS_08_0.IFO and find what vot ids I needed. But, I did not strip any ids so would it matter which ones I need to keep or is it necessary to strip out some ids. Also do I need to keep the original .ifo file that Ifoedit changed to VTS)01_0.IFO?
    You don't have to strip any VOBID's...some movies need them all. Most likely, you will just be stripping out the extra audio/subtitle tracks. And by default, you will be removing the menu.

    You will not need any files besides the new ones that are created. You do not have to copy any files over from the original directory, nor do you need to rename any files.
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  17. EnemyWithin ...

    I used TMPG to re-code my video ... seems nice enough. I have multiple VOBs containing well over 5 gig. The resulting m2v file is just over 1 gig ... I am assuming I did something wrong (maybe the bit calculator?) .

    Quick question regarding the bit calculator. On ReMPEG2 there is a simple slider bar which I would just rough-guess the %. I see a max/min on TMPG and feel I need to truly revisit the calculator . I have read all the calc info on doom and still find myself a bit confussed. Is there an easy/quick method to deal with this and/or a better step-by-step?

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  18. The main reason I stopped using TMPGEnc was due to its extremely inaccurate results. I would try transcoding a movie at 3000 kb/s VBR and end up with a 6GB file :/ The only setting that I could get accurate results from was using CQ_VBR. Even then I would have to run the transcode 2-3 times to get the movie to the perfect size...WAY too much work!

    I quickly switched to CCE v2.50 and havent looked back I definately recommend CCE.
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  19. Enemy,

    Sorry did not notice you posted here. Well, I followed your guide exactly last night with JohnQ and after stripping out unwanted audio tracks it was about 3.4. But after the burn it still won't play. Could it be my dvd player. I have a Pioneer DVC_503 and I have seen here and there that some players won't play dvds if they think something is missing from the disc. IIts the only solution I can come up with?
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  20. Well I just tried playing my dvd in Ifoedit and here is the message I got.
    *two out of three dvd video streams failed to render properly
    video stream
    subpicture stream
    *no combination of intermediate filters could be found to make the connection
    *decoded closed caption data not rendered properly
    But it plays fine in Power DVD. Any suggestions?
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  21. Sorry for the string of posts here. Should of checked everything before posting last time. Well, no matter what VIDEO_TS.IFO file I load from numereous movies ripped on my machine I get the same message as stated above. Something wrong with my ripping method? I just use DVD Decryptor in file mode and either rip the entire movie or just the main vobs of the movie.
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  22. Make sure that the folder that contains all the files is called VIDEO_TS.

    If you have a VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folder (capitalized!) on your DVD and the DVD plays fine with Power DVD, then it is probably a compatibility problem between your standalone and the media.
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  23. Hmmm
    I'm pretty sure it is not the media. I have made some backups of dvds that were under 4.3 and they played fine on my stand alone on teh same media I am trying now. I made sureeverything was capatalized and made sure it was in VIDEO_TS. Well, now I feel stumped. II always think I am so close to conquering this battle but the dvd still seems to get the best of me.
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  24. I just noticed that you were using Nero v5.5.8.0. Download v5.5.9.9 as your version was causing problems for people. You also might want to try PrimoDVD (or RecordNow Max) for better compatibility (according to some people). I have switched to PrimoDVD and it's working fine for me (although Nero v5.5.9.9 worked fine also).
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  25. Alright I tried the dvd again and it does work on the pc with Power DVD but not on the stand alone. Here is a break down of my dvd disc.

    and inside VIDEO_TS

    Hopefully you can see somehting wrong with this structure and I will be able to fix it easily. If not back to the drawing board.
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  26. Hey Enemy,

    Sorry to keep bothering you but still no luck. I updated to and burned in UDF/ISO mode adding the VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS to the root. But it still will only play in my pc not iin my stand alone. Does the error I listed above by Ifoedit mean anything? Also do I need a VIDEO_TS.VOB in my dvd? Or is my structure above alright? Thanks for all the help.
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  27. I have successfully re-coded using CCE! I now have two files, and I am ready for the next step (AC3 - 330meg and a MPV - 3.5gig). I attempted to use Studio 7 to compose the DVD image ... Studio is fighting the large MPV and I will need another workable method.

    The process has been a great learning experience, and I will continue the process using different methods to learn more. In the end, it seems the quickest method to replicate a DVD is to simply split it .
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  28. Well, I tried another dvd, Sweetest thing and still no luck. So, I can rule out the original dvd causing the problem. But that does not leave me with many more options here. I really hate having to ask for help all the time when I have been putting about 12 hours a day for the last three weeks into this and seem to be slowly getting there. I seem to have a dvd that will play fine on my pc but nnot on the stand alone. So, is it my stand alone that does not like the disc or is it something I am doing wrong in the process. In a previous post I listed the structure of my final dvd. If anyone sees something wrong with it please let me know. thanks a bunch.
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  29. blindy007,

    Your structure looks fine to me. If it's playing fine in your PC, then I would still suspect the media. Try buying a couple of pieces of high quality (expensive!) media and see how you go. Make sure to use DVD-R and not RW, unless you know for certain that your DVD supports RW media (mine doesn't).


    Rename the MPV file to M2V. I'm not sure if this is necessary, but that's what the tutorial say to do, so I listen Also, try getting a copy of DVD Maestro. It's powerful and easy to learn. It's very easy to import the chapter points into as well.
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  30. Thanks EW ... RE Maestro - Since Maestro is not being sold anymore, I am unable to purchase the product. Nonetheless, I have been on the net since the net was the net and have used my underground connections but to no avail .

    I downloaded the Spruce Up demo, but quickly realized that the demo will not incorporate the audio file. Regardless of this issue, I am receiving a bit-rate inconsistant error message ... I may need to recreate my audio file.
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