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    1) Are there any other proggys apart from ifoedit that will allow you to stream your .vobs and enable to burn to dvd-r.

    2)If you remux a m2v from ReMpeg back into Ifoedit can you still keep the original menus and title screens, or will the movie just play direct?


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  2. the answer to question 2 - u can remux a video straight back into the VOB files and it will still play the origanal menu, just dont create new VIDEO_TS and VTS_x_x.IFOs and u will be alright.
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  3. Can you use TMPGEnc with the IFOEdit Re-Mux button?

    Any guides explaining this feature?
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    REMpeg is the only encoder that i know of that will give you an m2v file that will correctly be able to get remuxed with the original VOB's. the problem here is that rempeg sucks balls when it comes to quality. so if all you want is the easy way out then go for that
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