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    Any ways I can do this maybe directly to mpg
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  2. No, you can't convert directly to MPG.
    But you can use the program ASF Recorder to download streamning video from a website, just enter til URL, and it start downloading (as fast as your internetconnection allows!) and it stores it on your harddrive in ASF, WMV og likewise, not very good quality, but everyone knows that streaming video isn't always the best quality!
    But then you can convert it to MPG using TMPEG or so.

    ASF Recorder can be downloaded at

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  3. "Streambox VCR" is also an option here. Also grabs real-media (rm/ram) files, which later can be converted using "Tinra". Doesn't always work though. Quality is bad, as stated by neXus6 in previous mail.

    Search for it by using

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  4. Have a look at the Tools section at
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