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    anyone know one with tutorial?

    i dont like vdub cause it hell freezes on my ocmputer
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  2. Guest
    but avio is the same thing like vdub...there is not difference...same programming base.

    do u know any other?
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  3. I have tried for ages but was only rewarded by a massive number of dropped frames

    Finally, I have found the perfect (Open Source) solution: VritualVCR!

    This software is really so much better than everything I have tried before.
    Just as an illustration: 20 min capturing at 480 x 576 and only !!! 3 dropped frames (using PIII 700 and PicVideo MJPEG). This is the definitive
    choice for BT878 based capture cards (provided you use WDM drivers).

    Well, the URL is

    If you want to try a more sophisticated SVCD capturing solution (which could still use some improvement), you could visit The program to look for is SVCDCorder. This software is based around VirtualVCR and again is Open Source.

    Enjoy capturing ...
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  4. hi,
    I'm the author of SVCDCorder... It would be great if you would post what kind of improvements should be done to SC...

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