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  1. How to Copy-Protect Your VCDs/SVCDs v2.0

    ************************************************** ***********
    Quick Note: -

    Been sifting through the feedback to the first VCD/SVCD copy-protection guide and found that a few people have had compatability issues.

    Tried the method on a friends DVD player and it wouldn't play, so obviously it is all down to your DVD player.

    Background Info:-

    The following method of copy-protection uses a program called FreeLock v1.3.

    Instead of adding dummy files, FreeLock 1.3 changes the order of the tracks prior to copying, this makes the resulting VCD/SVCD almost impossible to copy.

    I have tried this method on my own DVD player and 3 of my friends DVD players and found that the copy-protected VCD/SVCD will play no problems.

    If someone does copy the protected VCD/SVCD, they will be able to play the VCD/SVCD in their DVD players for about 5 seconds, with choppy picture and full of green lines, and then it will freeze completely.

    ************************************************** ***********

    The followings tools are required for this guide:

    FreeLock 1.3

    Before you start:- Extract all files to a common folder as the program will create a "FreeLock Diskette" for you to run the program from.

    1. You'll need to create an un-protected VCD/SVCD first, so do that in your favourite way.

    2. Then, open up CDRWin and create a .cue file from your un-protected disc, save it to C:

    3. Goto Command Prompt and type:

    A: (enter) FreeLock (enter).

    4. The usage of FreeLock is pretty basic. At the command line type:

    freelock c:\image.cue

    5. Finally you must burn your modified image.cue file onto CD.
    Remember to keep the FreeLock diskette in your A: drive.

    Note:- If CDRWin gives you an error at the end of burning your modified .cue file (99%-100%), ignore it the data will have already been written and the VCD/SVCD play perfectly.

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  2. A long time ago, I wrote a gui for Freelock, which was then used to copy protect the psx backups

    The program is called PFUI (for PSX Freelock User Interface),
    and you can find it here:
    under PFUI

    or here
    under FreeLock GUI v0.3.

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  3. anything like this for dvd-r's?
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    I use VCDEasy for creating VCDs. The program already makes .cue files itself. Is it necessary to create a .cue file in CDRWin, then record it using CDRWin, or can I use VCDEasy to creat the .cue and to record?
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  5. Dear ,

    Can i use same method for (DVD video , Software & Game CD) if no please help me out.

    Can i reopen loack if I want to copy my protactd DVD/VCD/CD

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  6. have a problem with cdrwin
    I make all that you/they tell me
    but when I will record it jumps me this error
    start dao recording comand file on device 1:0:0 Cueshet was rejected by the CD-ROM recorder
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  7. Is it necessary to create a .cue file in CDRWin, then record it using CDRWin, or can I use VCDEasy to creat the .cue and to record?
    Since VCDEasy creates CDRWin compatible images, you can use it.

    Can i use same method for (DVD video , Software & Game CD)
    I only know about PSX for sure. Didn't know (until now ) that it works with vcds, too. AFAIK you can't use it for software or audio cds

    Can i reopen loack if I want to copy my protactd DVD/VCD/CD
    Yes. Actually it is pretty easy. You can extract the non-dummy track with CDRWin. You could also use (but I've never tried) IsoBuster to extract the .mpg-file only.

    [Error-message:] start dao recording comand file on device 1:0:0 Cueshet was rejected by the CD-ROM recorder
    1. did you move/rename the .cue or .bin file?
    2. did you use spaces/special chars in the filenames?
    3. have you checked the .cue file (with a texteditor), if the name and path of the .bin file matches exactly?
    4. do you have a HP or Sony writer? If yes, check the freelock homepage for info

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  8. It worked excellent for me mate

    There is a helpfile with the freelock that says i will not work on cdroms like vcd and svcd but i tried to extract the avseq01.dat av file to create a vcd with nero but the file could not be extracted to my HD with winME OS!!!!!!!

    Also the VCD plays fine on my Danansai1010 DVD player.

    Top marks mate

    Also the 4th step reads freelock c:image.cue and not freelock c:\image.cue on the main user guide page mate.

    Hope it helps JP
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  9. I followed this guide in trying to protect my svcd's..... well I played around a little bit and most of the burning software will give me an error before i even attempt to try to copy the protected vcd/svcd. Then I fired up nero and looked at the options on the copy cd part.

    I changed the default settings to the ones showed and attempted to copy the cd....I then played it in my Apex 1100W 1mb with the macrovision and region free hack on it and it played fine.

    I haven't tried it on anyone else's dvd player but I will.

    So does this mean it didn't work or was it because of the macrovision hack? I opened the cue file i made and it had all the extra stuff on the cue sheet and it burned to the cd fine for the protected cd. Anyways I hope I made sense here.

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  10. Hi !

    I made photo album (on 650 MB CD ,Total size 210mb, total nos. of trak 3 including first softwre track created by authoring software (2 video tracks)) VCD Ver.2.0 locked VCD it's woring fine. After that i tryed to make imeg file through win on cd3.8 it's not making imeg file at all (good) ,but it is making imeg file through win on cd 5.0 it is making 5 tracks end of the file it is given error may be due to protacton ,

    But i try through DAT to Mpeg it's convert file back to MPEG without any error, so any one can use my MPEG file .

    Is there any way to protact my MPEG file & can I use over burnig fiture (95MIn.) on 650mb cd.
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  11. Hi. I have a dummy question. Can i use this for others use than protect VCD? Protecting Games or appz CD. Please answer me via email or here in the forum.Thanks
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  12. What's the use of a program like this? Take your pirated VCDs and protect them so no one else can get them? Unless you're that worried about someone copying your family videos, what's the point? I can maybe see the use if you're a commercial VCD distributor or something, but perhaps I'm overlooking something obvious?
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  13. Iīve been reading all the posts and i have a question.
    A friend borried me a Vcd, but i canīt copy it in cdrwin, because it has protection. I dont know if was used Winlock or Freelock. How can i found out wich program was used.

    After knowing that is it possible to remove the protection, so i can copy it??

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  14. Again a Duplicator will still copy ANY protected disc so why bother?
    If your worried about all the hard work you did creating a SVCD/VCD with menus DO NOT sell it or trade it.
    The best copy protection around!

    So what if your friend borrows it and copies it - You got it without paying for it anyway (if you did pay for it does the factory protection not work?)so why make it hard for your friends?
    I truly believe this was just something to do since it could be done.
    I've created several VCD/SVCD's with menu's and see them on eBay all the time BOO HOO I'm so sad about it -
    DO NOT SHARE your PRIVATE VCD/SVCD creations with people if you do not want them to see it or copy it!

    Really people it's OKAY that you can do this (protect your discs) but if you are worried about your "work" getting ripped and that your NOT getting credit for your discs put on of those darn annoying watermarks in it (small and not intrusive!) AS most folks that sell these VCD/SVCD for profit often have highspeed duplicators that can copy upto 1000 VCD's in a hour EVEN your "special" copy protected discs (think of thousands of bootleg audio CD's and software you see at flea markets and conventions)

    Go smoke a fatty and put away those egos
    Sing while you may.........
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    Just a follow-on from what Blaksvn said above, here is a note from the Freelock documentation:

    Can I use Freelock to protect audio/PC/VCD discs?
    No. These formats, unlike PSX discs, can be copied on a file-by-file or
    track-by-track basis. Freelock can only be used to protect discs which can
    normally ONLY be copied in disc-at-once mode. PC and audio CDs can be
    copied by selecting only the tracks you want, or by copying the files on the
    CD instead.
    @Sine29: What part of this statement do you not understand??? Most VCD/SVCD discs are not mixed mode discs - hence this "protection" is utterly useless.
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  16. i have a vcd that contain more than one chapter. can i use freelock to protect all of my chapter ?
    can i make an unprotected vcd on cdrw first then i make a cue to burn on cdr ?
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  17. This method (if it works) is involved with the burning of the image onto the disc. It should be irrelevant how many chapters you have.

    Michael Tam
    w: Morsels of Evidence
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    You can author a mixed mode vcd/svcd, an example is a vcd/svcd with CDDA on it. You cna find the guiide to make these on this site. Question is, can Freelock or Winlock protect these types of disks.?

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    vcds are mixed mode.. a combination of data and audiocd (video) .... vcds is based off of audio cd technology... thats why that file that contains the movie on vcds called "MUSIC01.dat" is name like that
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  20. hi. Im new here
    anyways...I edited many hours of footage....and I really dont want to see copies around at least for some time....for real....its not dvd rips or anything, and I know it will sell very well

    I wanted to know if this has any compatibility issues so far?....has anyone tried it and had problems playing the vcds? or svcds?

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  21. I just tried this userguide out and when i try to load the cue sheet in the record disc section i get the following error...

    Invalid CUE SHEET command at line 56 Illegal cuesheet command syntax.

    Can anyone help?
    Have fun in the sun and get laid in the shade!
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  22. im getting

    Invalid CUE SHEET command at line 56 Illegal cuesheet command syntax.

    and it wont burn. please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Operating System: Windows XP Pro
    CPU: P4 2.53GHz
    HDD: 80GB 7200RPM
    RAM: 1024 DDR PC-2700
    Video Card: ATi Radeon 9800 Pro (3D Prophet) 128MB DDR TV-Out
    Motherboard: Asus P4S8X-X
    DVD-ROM: Pioneer 16X Tray
    CD-RW: Lite-on 52X
    DVD-RW: Lite-on 4X
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    I have the same problem i.e. invalid cuesheet & error on line 56 while recording/burning the CD when i am using CDRWIN with FREELOCK 1.3.

    Kindly help me if anybody have some solutions or let me know the successful way of using CDRWIN & FREELOCK for copy protection the CDs.


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  24. if this works for me God bless you Sine29!!!
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