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  1. my duron 750 w/ 128meg sysram and 32meg vidram runs great, its stable, fast, and not problematic. i have a 30gb harddrive so i can capture in HuffYUV just fine. i have a Cybermail AV card (for 14.50 at compugeeks) and a soundcard with line-in (sound is great, onboard btw, oh, so is video). the only other thing i have in my PCI slots is a dialup modem (soon a nic card, im getting dsl). i have no isa slots. whenever i capture more than a few minutes virtualdub or the prog that came w/ the card lock up, just strait lock up, the rest of the PC is fine though so i know its not ram related. i can do captures for a little bit and i find the picture great, but again, it either locks up, or gives me wierd errors, and blue screens, during capture the max cpu its using is like 40% usually around 20%. i heard this could be related to PCI sharing, im using 98se, any tips, i really wanna start backing up my VHS collection as sooon as possible.

    -Thanks in advance
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  2. also, if i try using using mp3 audio instead it freezes when i try to stop capture
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