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    Before posting a question please check these common questions first. If you don't find any answers here use the Search function . If you after that still haven't find a solution you can post a question here.

    DivX to VCD/SVCD/DVD Common Problems

    SVCD to VCD/DVD/DivX Common Problems

    DVD Ripping Common Problems

    DivX to VCD/SVCD/DVD Common Problems


    TMPGEnc won't open the avi/divx
    Install latest DivX codecs and also maybe the old ones, . If that didn't help try change the Directshow reader prirority,

    TMPGEnc doesn't show any video in the preview window
    Install latest DivX codecs and also maybe the old ones, . If that didn't help try change the Directshow reader prirority,

    TMPGEnc freezes or displays an error message while encoding
    Before encoding repair the DivX source, . Also try change the Directshow reader prirority, .

    Jumpy/Choppy playback
    If you converted from NTSC to PAL or vice verse you may get jumpy playback. If your DVD Player both support NTSC and PAL always convert to the same format as the source if not read this framerate guides, .

    Audio out of sync
    Be sure to use this method, . Check so you selected audio -> full processing in virtualdub when extracting the audio, the audio should be about 10 MB/minute.
    If that didn't help you can try this guide, .

    Low audio volume
    You need to process the audio before you convert it to mpeg1. Try (with MP3 plug-ins) you can load the AVI straight into it, then use maximize etc. Then use that WAV with the original AVI to make the mpeg1. TMPGEnc can also increase the volume when your converting Setting > Audio > Use audio edit > Setting

    Black and white playback
    Your DVD Player or/and TV may not support PAL or NTSC, try first see if you can change mode in your DVD Player or/and TV. If not you have to convert the video to your format, NTSC if you live in USA,Japan and PAL in the rest of the world, .

    The VCD/SVCD mpeg is too big for one CD
    You only fit about 70 minutes/CD when making VCD and about 60 minutes/CD if SVCD. You have to cut the mpeg and burn on several cds, . Remember that that you fit about 740 MB mpeg on a 74 min CD because VCD,SVCD are burn't in a different mode than data. If you want the video on ONLY one CD you can make XVCD/XSVCD , read this guide and skip the DVD ripping part, .

    SVCD to VCD Common Problems


    I can't open SVCD MPEGs in TMPGenc?
    Install latest PowerDVD, it includes a mpeg2 codec so you can open mpeg2(SVCD) in TMPGEnc. If that do not work try this method .

    How do I convert a SVCD to DivX?
    Use Vidomi. First copy the avseqXX.mpg from the SVCD and then open it in Vidomi and encode. Read the help in Vidomi how to configure it best. You can also use DVD2AVI, open the avsqeqXX.mpg(s) and select save avi.

    DVD Ripping


    Can I copy a DVD-Movie directly if I have a DVDR Writer?

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    Finally a guide for newbiess bladrick!!!

    Answers allthem annoying questions.

    My vcd & cvdGuide
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