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  1. when stepping through my video in TMPG (source frame range), I noticed that every few frames there is an immense amount of horizontal distortion in areas of motion. Is this normal or should I be doing something about it. I have to say I havn't really seen it in my finished products, but I kinda remember it having something to do with interlaceing and don't want to overlook something that I may be missing.

    Please let me know if this is something I should be dealing with, or if it's normal.

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  2. i've had some problems w/ lines in my rip b4...yea...u're has something to do w/ interlacing cuz if u use dvd2avi w/ forced film on...then u're basically forcing the movie to be progressive even though it might be progressive, interlaced, or hybrid...but anywayz...if u c lines in yer rip...try using the "de-interlace" in tempgenc...also in that filter option choose "blend"...that has worked for me..
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  3. There are 12 different 'de-interlace' options. Wondering which one to use, or how to go about figuring out which to use.

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  4. -----------------------------------------------------------

    also in that filter option choose "blend"...that has worked for me..


    read post more carefully
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