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  1. Hi,
    I have bought a DVR104, but cannot get it to record DVD RW. It will record CDR's.

    I have tried, Win ME, Win 2K, Roxio, Instant CD-DVD, ULead, Nero etc. I have also tried switch DMA on and off from the properties in the control panel. I have dell dimesion 8000 and I cant find a DMA/PIO mode in the bios.

    When I try to record a completely fresh DVD-rw it gives an error after a few seconds. If I try a fully erased on it errors on icomplete erase operation even if I have just done a full erase. The disc looks to be completly empty in properties, it does however appear to have 1 session but no tracks and nothing at all recorded on the disc?? The drive doesn't recognised my CDRW's which were recognized in my HP CDRW.

    Any ideas??? Or is it a faulty drive..
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  2. Mine did exactly the same with some Datasafe DVD-RWs. I then got some Verbatims and did a full erase before using them (as I'd seen mentioned elsewhere) and they are no trouble at all.
    Mine also rejected some old CDRWs that I had, but I put that down to them being rather old, cheapo CDRWs in the first place.

    I think it is rather media-sensitive - try a verbatim DVD-RW and do a full erase before trying to burn anything at all to it.

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    i had to speak to the tech department at pioneer about my 104, and also asked them about datasafe dvdrw, they told me that datasafe media was unreliable and recomended, pioneer(of coarse) also verbatim among others.
    i have some princo dvdrw that are working ok, and they were cheap to buy.
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  4. Thanks for the help guys, bought some good media over the weekend and no problems. Makes me wonder why the sell the cheap stuff if it doesn't work.
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