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  1. Hi all,
    I am hardware capturing MPG-2 SVCD with the PVR and opening the file with womble for editing. However, when I open the file with womble it is out of sync. No amount of manipulation will fix it. Here is what I am doing.

    PIII 700 128M Ram
    Via Chipset
    30G 7200RPM ATA66
    Driver 1.4.172
    Latest WinTV2k

    MPEG-2 Constant (variable has same problem too)
    Transport 2500
    Bit rate 2000
    Audio 44.1 224
    Throttle 000x80 (or whatever amount of zeros it is). (Throttle 000x20 seems to help slightly at the beginning of the file in my experiments)
    Span file size 640M

    I have followed SHS's SVCD guide to the letter (except for the bitrate) before burning I attempt to cut out commercials. The problem is that even before my first cut the playback in Womble is out of sync. Audio Faster by 4 or 5 seconds. Please note that any adjustment in Transport rate and bitrate has no change in the problem.

    Here's the kicker - In Womble v3.0 the sync lines up (although picture is choppy to achieve this). In womble 3.11 it is off. So I cut in either version and when recorded and remuxed the sync is still off on the output and is completely screwed because of the cuts.

    i have tryed messing with throttle and transport rates with no help. I have also de/remuxed with bbMPG, TMPGenc and all other programs listed. Also try defferent combinations (ie demux with TMPGenc and remux with bbMPG or Womble.)

    I could reencode the file, but then whats the point of encoding in hardware. I am certain that WinTV2k is doing something to the file. I don't think that it has anything to do with the SVCD spec since Womble should open any MPEG-2 file right??

    Also I have noticed that I get much bettter quality capturing through the tuner rather than the composite through the S-Video adapter - I haven't found a comment on this so was wondering if it was common?

    If anyone has an answer please let me know.

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  2. Me again,
    I forgot to mention that my raw captured file, after de/remuxing with TMPGenc will burn and play on DVD player with perfect sync. Editing that file is where the problem starts.

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  3. Problem solved!
    Here is what I found. Basically all of us PVR hardware encoder fans (not many of us) know that WinTV screws with the output file and throws the sync off. After De/Remuxing with any program I could find still no luck with sync in Womble. The solution?

    - Open the file directly in womble. Make sure the whole clip is selected and "record" it back to disk as a Program stream. It solves all the problems I was having.

    Also I have found I get almost TMPGenc quality when I hook the VCR up to the tuner of this card. The composite quality susks. The quality is quite amazing for a hardware encoder. At least on my system anyway and latest drivers from SHS.

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