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  1. Hello. I just got my Adobe Premiere 6 and also i'm a newbie into video editing. Can you please tell me step by step on how to join two .avi files using that program? I've tried using Virtual Dub but i keep getting this error, " Cannot Append Segment: The Video streams use incompatible compression types; also have different data formats". Can i do this with Premiere? I'm running out of disc space so i really need to get this done asap. Thanks in advance for your help. Take care.
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    import both files you want to join. then put the first file into the timeline window of premiere. click on the file with your left mouse button, hold the botton and draw the file down into the timeline window. set it on the video and audio trace 1 and let go of the mouse button. go to the end of that file in the timeline window and then click on the second file you imported. draw it down into the timline window as well. you should have both files in the timeline window now. now you cut and join or just export them. if you have the divX codec you can export both files as one avi (divX) file.

    you know you also can ask the help of adobe premiere

    hope i could help you
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  3. Thanks a lot Glubu! I'm glad someone has finally answered my post. I really appreciate it bro. I will give that a try. Thanks again. Happy 4th of july! Take care my friend!
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