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    I have 2 Mpgs that are vcd compliant. OK the first file is 645MB and runs 1hr and 3mins and the second file is 346MB and runs 34mins long is there a way i can fit them both on one VCD or do i have to put them on a seperate CDs? or if i cant do that can i compress the mpegs to a smaller file size and burn it to one vcd?
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  2. You might be able to encode whole movie on one CD (80min) but it will be very low quality. You will have to use TMPGenc. Cut off all the credits at the end of the movie to shorten the movie lenght even further. You will have to create XVCD with following settings.

    900kbit /s Video
    128 Kbit audio

    but my suggestion is that you use 2 CDs.
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  3. The Entire movie you mentioned is 94min approximatly, you could use my SxVCD/SeVCD Templates to fit the whole movie in a single CD while maintaining a decent VideoCD Quality, of course, if VCD is not a quality you like, then I don't see any other way to fit the entire movie on a single 80 min CDR media.
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