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  1. okay... I just burned a VCD w/vcdeasy... but when i try to play in WMP it says "Incorrect Function"... I installed I-VCD and it won't play either
    and when I copy the .dat it says "Cannot copy AVSEQ01: Invalid MS-DOS Function"
    I think I know what is wrong... it said on the faq to install scsi1hlp.vxd... but i have win 2000 and it doesnt use .vxd...
    I know ASPI is installed correctly... i used that thing from adaptec to check and it says everything is fine...
    so what should I do?
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  2. I had the same playback problems. They all went away when I installed WinDVD. I am still unable to copy the .dat-files to my HD, though. The error "invalid MS-DOS function" remains.
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  3. I tried that... but WinDVD just crashes when I try to open it. thanks anyway
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  4. Have you installed the Nimo Codeq-pack?
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