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    I heard that 1.3 GB CDRWs were now available but have been unable to find any online. Have I been misinformed? If they do exist can anyone suppy a link to where I can purchase them?
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  2. You need a special cd writer to use them which is just as much if not more than a DVD writer, so you may as well get a DVD writer.

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  3. only problem from what i have been hearing ids that nothing is being able to read that much data on a cdrw (like dvd players, cd players) I wish they would cause that would be great!!! TDK is suppose to launch a 2 GB cdr/w burner sometime soon.
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  4. 2GB CD-R/RW from TDK??? Hmph. news to me.

    But what's the point in investing in DD CD-R/RW if that never flew. More and more people are moving into the DVD-RW and DVD+RW market that it seems like it's taking over. Plus DVDs hold about 4.38GB (4.7GB disc) which is a little over 2x the size of a 2GB CD-R.

    Not to mention, I'm gonna stick around and wait to see how far Sony, Toshiba and Pioneer is going with the BluRay technology.

    I think the BluRay discs is suppose to hold 30~60GB "per layer" of the disc.
    Hmmmm.......I wonder if it's possible to have dual layer double sided BluRay discs.......Mad data space or super long dvd video.
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  5. Those Sony disks are NOT read or write compatible on any other drive.
    This product will disappear from the market shortly.

    ML-CD, which I think is dead, would have offered 2.4GB disks which could work in easily modified drives. What they did was make the data dots 8 shades of gray instead of black or white, tripling data density and speed at the same time, and since 5 bits were for error correction, can you say 6.4 GB SVCD? But we will never see it.
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  6. The problems with these modified CD medias is that they are not technically CDs anymore. No other CD/DVD drive can read them and usually they are burnt in a mode that is incompatible with S/VCDs physcial structure.

    They are useful for data backup only (and it begs the question on why not simply buy a DVD burner)l.

    Michael Tam
    w: Morsels of Evidence
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  7. I have the A04 and must say it's a good drive no problem's but DVD burning is pain in the ass if your doing TV show alot of hard drive space. A long time to burn. It's good for movies but TV show I'll stick with SVCD even thow I'll use more CD's. Also DVD does not look alot better then SVCD from satellite dish satellite dish only give 400 lines and when you capture with DVD your bring it to 700 line's. Do not get me wrong I have not tried it but I think if you copied a DVD with a capture card DVD would be better. Plus DVD blank's are not cheep. MOst online DVD black suck if you buy no name brand one's. Smart disc at compusa is good but thre 1X apple DVD black's are very good but 5 dollars a pop
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