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  1. Hello i'm a newbie. Here's my problem.

    I just got my Adobe Premiere 6 and also i'm a newbie into video editing. Can you please tell me step by step on how to join two .avi files using that program? I've tried using Virtual Dub but i keep getting this error, " Cannot Append Segment: The Video streams use incompatible compression types; also have different data formats". Can i do this with Premiere? I'm running out of disc space so i really need to get this done asap. Thanks in advance for your help. Take care.
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  2. Look in the help of Premiere.
    Also, extensive tutorial can be found on the Adobe web site.
    (as well as some downloadable [pdf], straightforward "qickstart" documents.)

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  3. Thanks Beta i appreciate it!!! Take care my friend.
    Happy 4th of July!
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  4. Simple open your clips and drag them inot your bin. From the bin you can drag them to the time line in sequence. Drag your first clip to the time line then drag your second clip to the timelien at he end of the first one and so on. Make sure you extend the project bar to include all your clips. Finally render the total timeline project as a new file.
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