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  1. Whenever i rip a dvd, the .d2v video file is only 500 or 600kb. But the funny thing is that the audio file is the right size (1.8gb). I have tried many dvds, and all of them does this!

    Does anyone know what i'm doing wrong?
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  2. Because it's only a project file, not the main file! It allows the relevant program to frameserve.....
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  3. Then which one is the main file and where can i find it?
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  4. Perhaps the VOB you ripped is actually the "main" file, and the d2v file just points tmpgenc to the VOB, but also tells tmpgenc what to do with that VOB when it hooks up.
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  5. either the vobs or your .m2v file are the main files depending on how u ripped the dvd
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    Open up the d2v file in notepad and it will list the source files (vob's or whatever), their name and full path ...

    If these files don't exist anymore - then you won't be able to encode your MPG....
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