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    I have 2 m2v files of a movie split in 2. Is there a tool for joining these together into a single m2v I can use to author a DVD?
    I have tried TMPGenc but only seems to output mpg files and not m2v files.

    Reason I have 2 files is that I was re-encoding a movie in TMPGenc and someone stopped it at 95% , so I just restarted from the next frame and created another m2v file.

    Does anyone know this cos I don't want to re-encode all over again

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  2. opps.. misread your post. deleted
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  3. try using spruceup dvd i have never done it but u can join 2 m2vs when they are loaded in im sure
    worht a try or just rip it again
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  4. rename your TMPG mpg file to m2v and try it.....
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