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  1. I've tried a lot to create SVCD with multichannel audio, but if I play that svcd in different player, I got only stereo output.
    I used DVD2SVCD 1.09 b3 using I-Author.
    I'don't know if the problem could be in encoding/mux phase or maybe in burning or in the players I used.

    Before to go crazy, I would like to know if somebody have succesfully created a SVCD w Multichannel Audio, and if you know where I can found a sample CD Image to test my Hw.

    Thanks in advance.

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  2. hey buiacca,

    not all stand-alone dvd players will play multi-channel audio in SVCD format, from some i've heard usually the philips are the ones that do play them!!! Hopes this helps!!!!!
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