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  1. I dont know what i am doing wrong. everytime i use smartripper on a dvd-9 just to rip the movie to an m2v and ac3 file i only get half to 3/4 of the movie. if anyone has an suggestions it would be a GREAT HELP
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  2. how are you ripping the DVD in smartripper ?.

    if it's extracting the video to one file you will need NTFS as fat or fat32 does not support files over 4 gb. smartripper doesn't complain but you end up with a file of around 3.99gb
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  3. sorry misread your original post, you'll need NTFS to rip large DVD's to a single .M2V file as the video is over 4gb
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  4. yep NTFS all the way with u 2 guys i just got a 80gig H/D for 92notes so it was well worth the money to run a dual boot win ME/XP system
    just rember u cant c anything formated with NTFS format when using any win95/98/me OS
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