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  1. I've been trying to figure out to go from a FCP clip(s) to Toast 5 to create a VCD. Also, FCP comes with Media Cleaner EZ if that's any help. I've read the Toast manual, looked on the Roxio site and search on this forum, but can't find anything specific.

    Many thanks for any detailed steps or links.

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  2. This isn't exactly what you wanted, but it might give you some hints.
    (I use EditDV Unplugged instead of FCP).

    Export the clip(s) as a QuickTime Movie (some format with little/no additional compression), then :

    Open it in QuickTime Player and export as Toast Video CD (if you have QT Pro)
    drag/drop it on Toast (with VideoCD selected)

    With QT Pro, the Video CD option might even show up in the list of formats available when you export as a QuickTime movie.
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