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  1. Hello

    I want to make a copy of a DVD to a DVD+R but i need to keep the subtitles. The DVD is bigger than 4,5. I have tried many methods but i'm not able to keep the subtitles. Is there any guide showing how to do this.

    Thank you for your help
    best regards
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    Subtitles consume a trivial portion of the overall bitstream. You would be better off trying to strip out unneeded audio tracks. You didn't tell us how large the file really was, or what methods you have employed so far, so we have to guess at what you are really doing.
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  3. Thank you for your quick answer.
    I'm using the smart ripper and re-mpeg guide. I just want to one subtitle in the DVD. If there's a better guide to copy the DVD please tell me. I've already cutted the unecessary audio tracks.

    Best regards
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  4. I want it that to....i have a big problem in subtitling !!!

    At first !!! i use S.Ripper for Ripping the Chapter. (i want to make a 10 Episode Turn A Gundam Dual Layer to 2 x 5 Episode per DVDr eheheh).

    the after that...i use the m2v files and ac3 in the SpruceUp...!!! then...after that...i already have a simulation of the 5 episode i want !!!

    I got IT !!!

    But Ater That !!! i realize i lost my english subtitle !!!....

    For the Frind here know how to solve my problem...please help me !!!
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  5. i can't help you because i have the same problem.
    Can somebody help us please??

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  6. ehehhe...real in the hard time know....i already buy a lot of anime...euuheuh but no one i cant give the copy to my friend
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    You can't do subtitles in Spruceup. You will need different authoring software such as Scenarist or DVD Maestro. As for guides for doing this type of thing check out doom9's guides and forums at
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