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    I have figured it out & it is working excellent
    I have been trying to figure out how to rip episodes from DVDs, I have SG1 Season 1 & I wanted to be able to watch it @ work ( no DVD Player at work )
    Here is what I did ( with the DVD that the main info is in one NFO file )

    I ripped the DVD using CladDVD, using the NFO Parse that way I could see the times per each episode, then I just select the episode i want to get. I select the Audio for english & then I rip the DVD
    Once completed I run the VOB files through the DVD2AVI ( the ususal way )
    Once completed I open up the AC3 file using the Headac & convert it over to WAV.
    Then I open both files out in TMPGenc & convert it over to VCDs
    It works great for those type of DVDs ( I hope not to run into any other once )
    I do not do any Subtitles

    Now the challenge will be with the "From the Earth to the Moon"
    it has 4 eps per 1 disk & I think the way it is is once episode ends & another one starts
    Will keep you posted.
    I will also make the step by step picturial tutorial withing the next couple of days & I will post it somewhere for whomever may want it

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  2. Is there a easy way to do this:

    I have a Friends TV show DVD which cames with 8 episodes and i want to create a SVCD with 2 epsidoes from the DVD.
    But there is easy way to select 2 diferent "titles" inside DVD2SVCD, can anyone give me any insight on this?

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