Hi everybody,
have a problem that's seriously troubling me with SVCD multilanguage audio. Am trying to put two stereo audio channels for multilanguage onto the VCD and my player (Scott) plays the two languages (audio channel 1 and 2) ok, but only in mono. When I try to play the two remaining audio channels, they remain silent. When I tried muxing 4 audio channels, to my big surprise it actually worked, giving me the four languages, so I guess
A) that the channels are fed somehow onto the SVCD
B) that in the process the stereo effect is lost and from each MP2 track, only one channel is transferred

Since sound experience in mono is as exciting as 2 week old coffee, I would appreciate very much if you could help me fix this.

Here's the configuration I used

MPG creation with Flask, TMPEG, CQ_VBR setting, audio 224kbit,
Demuxing with TMPEG
VOB-> audio of the other channels with bbmpeg, audio 224kbit
Remuxing with bbmpeg
SVCD burning with Nero

Look forward to hearing from you!

Have a great day,