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  1. I have had a Dazzle DVC II for a few months which has worked fine with my setup. I had an Asus A7V motherboard with an Athlon processor. I have just upgraded to an Asus A7M266 motherboard again with an Athlon but the board wont even startup with the Dazzle installed. It looks like there is some sort of coampatability problem here. Has anyone else tried this motherboard/Dazzle DVC II combination. Or better still know how to cure the problem.

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    I'm currently looking at buying one of these cards and have read about people complaining about a variety of things from audio being out of sync all the way to the card not working. There seems to be a problem with mobo's with AMD cpus + VIA chipsets (although I've read about people having problems with Intel CPU's and non-VIA chipsets as well.) You may want to look at this website:

    They have a user compiled list of hardware that works and that does not work.
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  3. Thanks for that, I have posted a query in that message board as well.

    It's odd as the card was working fine with the Asus A7V which uses the VIA KT133 Appolo chipset.

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