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  1. how can i rip the extra's from a dvd??
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    all the extra's are contained in different vobs than the movie...well usually. In whatever ripper you use just tell it to rip all the vobs. If you use smartripper for instance use the "files" section instead of the "movie" section and just highlight everything.
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  3. Yea I think some of the different ifo files maybe the extras
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  4. As what adam said.

    The extras on a DVD can be done in a number of ways -- they can be in the SAME vobset as the main movie, they can be a separate vobset, or they can be in the VTS_??_0.VOB files (especially menu animations and still screens).

    To extract any of these, you pretty much do it the same way -- i.e., decrypt the ENTIRE DVD onto your HDD.

    For trailers, usually selecting the correct option (by OPEN DVD mode --> IFO in FlaskMPEG) will yield the result you are after. If you want to rip menu animations and added screens, the best way is to probably rip the whole thing to AVI (e.g., uncompressed or minimally compressed) and then encode the relevant sections to MPEG.

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