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  1. I run Windows 98SE on a G3 Mac via an OrangeMicro PC card. I can run TMPGnc (sic) OK but I cannot open large files.

    These are kept in the shared folder and can be seen by both Windows Explorer and TMPGnc but not opened.

    Is there a 2Gb file limit on Win98SE?

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    See the thread I started. Click here.

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  3. Did you try to go through QT, copy/paste the movie into a new player and save it with allow dependencies? The movie is now a couple of KB!! But a QT aware app can get the whole contain. It works for me running VPC. I don't know it may work for you as well.
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  4. I hadn't thought of that.

    So, I'll:

    1. open up the file in QT (Mac)
    2. copy it to memory
    3. open up OrangeMicro's Win98SE
    4. Open up QT (PC)
    5. save as mov file
    6. open up saved file inTMPGnc (sic)

    Sounds a possibility - thanks!
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  5. Well, the simplest way is:
    1) Open the movie (or avi) in QT on the mac
    2) Copy the entire movie and paste it into a new player
    3) Save as with "allow dependencies" under a new name
    4) Open it from the PC through Tmpgenc with the adequate pluggins
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