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  1. Anybody have any information/feedback on "Universal" DVD-r Media. They claim to be grade A quality(comparable to mitsui, pioneer, tdk, etc)
    and have a 1 for 1 swap out policy. Also there seems to be a bulk version of the media for about $2.30.

    I have tried many of the cheap brands and seem to be about 80% success rate. ( i get pixilation and freezing on the other 20%) I need some discs that are going to work much more reliably than this.
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  2. if u find out let me no also.... i am lookin for the most compatible media myself
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  3. Its crap. Had to send it back.

    In my book, Mitsui is the most compatible media of all. Have not had a coaster, (No pixelation, no out of sync no nothing) yet. Every god damn disk has been perfect.

    4.25 per disc.

    The memorex at best buy for $4 a piece wasnt shabby though.
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  4. Anyone ever try optodisc?
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    I hear a lot of good things about Vivastar especially if you have a standalone DVD recorder like the Panasonic E20/30 and at $90US/100 disc spool, it's pretty cheap especially if all you are recording is TV shows...
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