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  1. Guest
    Just as the title says: Is there a combo out there? My older model
    VCR is going down the tubes and I would like to replace it with
    one of these combo's. From what I have seen and read in the forum
    on here they do not look/rate too bad.

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  2. I'm not aware of any Apex combo players, but here is the Apex site:
    As Churchill famously predicted when Chamberlain returned from Munich proclaiming peace in his time: "You were given the choice between war and dishonor. You chose dishonor, and you will have war."
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  3. Guest
    Originally Posted by Mirror_Image
    I'm not aware of any Apex combo players, but here is the Apex site:
    I checked it out before posting thinking MAYBE there was a slightly
    older model out there. Oh well

    Thanks for the info. BTW: You and KingJohn have been most helpful
    in my quest for converting an asf file. Unfortunatly, I have given up
    on it for now. Long story - If you would like to hear it just email.
    Otherwise, thanks for all the help
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  4. APEX doesn't even make VCRs so a combo is not likely
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