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Poll: Star Wars Episode II DVD

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  1. Even though you can't watch them, can you rip Region 2 dvds on a region 1 dvd-rom or do you have to change the the code?
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  2. Regional Ripping...

    I asked this question some time ago... I believe the answer was basically, YES. You should be able to RIP data from a DVD regardless of region. However, sometimes SmartRipper might insist, if it has problems with a particular disc, that you UNLOCK the drive first. In which case you would have to actually begin to PLAY the disc before you could rip it. Before you could play it, you'd have to change the region setting. Bottom line? It ought to work, but may not. The only reason I haven't tried ripping Region 2 Japanese DVDs in my Region 1 DVD-ROM is because I managed to find Region 0 versions of the same anime in HK DVD format.


    Akai Rounin
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  3. did somebody already order something from

    are u sure those are original disks? i think those are very likely professional made copies.

    anyone who knows for sure?
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  4. Yeah i ordered Road To Perdition, MIIB, and SW Episode II about 3 days ago. They all have subtitles but they are removeable. The picture quality is great. You should see the SW Trilogy SE DVD's they have.
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  5. OK guys im in region 2 ie the uk and for me to rip region 1 dvds u can a upgrade the filmware in ur dvd rom drive (risky if u dont know what u r doing) try dvd genie it sometimes works for some ppls dvd rom drives or buy another dvd rom drive and change the region code to 2 or 0 if u r able to these are the only ways i am aware of please let me know of any more if they are out there
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  6. Hi guys,

    My 2 pence worth (yes UK based) - I ordered from D9Movie too - these are definitely copies, produced with mixed results.

    BladeII & Crouching Tiger (only $5!) are both great, really sharp video and good sound, but MIIB and especially Scorpion King are worse than MPEG1 copies I make myself - sloppy video and noise on sound - S King is even 500ms out of synch at the start of the movie!! (

    So a bit hit and miss, perhaps the answer is to only order films that have been officially released so they have time to get their copying sorted out?

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  7. Where can one find info on region codes for dvd-roms? I am region 1 but my relatives are in the UK?
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  8. what do u want to know about region codes the uk is region 2 try any search engun to find info on region coding
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