First of all let me apologize if this has been asked before but I have searched (about 25 pages) and could not find an answer for my question.

What is the best capture program to use with the the dazzle digital video creator 50 and windows xp professional? I seen a post that said Virtualdub was the best but I have a couple of other ones lying around that I would like to get some feedback on please.

I have ExtremeMedia's Digital Studio, SonicFoundry's Video Factory, Ulead VideoStudio 5.0, Ulead DVD Plug-In, and Pinnacle Studio 7SE. I also have Ulead DVD PictureShow which was the best for VCD Picture Show !

I tried bringing in through Movie Maker with XP but the picture was all wavy and I printed out the guide to use Virtualdub (have not tried yet) but I was curious about the other programs I have, if anyone of them would be better than VDub.

I am a newbie to capture (and there is only the one guide for the dazzle) but have been doin vcd/svcd from downloaded movies for the last nine months, with alot of help from reading and I would now like to put my home movies on cd. I have had this Dazzle sittin around since Christmas and would like to try it out!

Thanx for the feedback!