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  1. I'm looking for an inexpensive (under $200) software package that has three features:
    1) Automatic scene detection
    2) Ability to save the edited video to VCD and/or SVCD
    3) Ability to save the auto-detected scenes to individual MPG files (all at once) so they appear as seperate scenes when played in a DVD player. In other words, I don't want to create and save a new production for each scene.

    Any recommendations?

    Thank you!
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    I think i understand your question but I am not sure.

    1). I don't think so.
    2). Video Pack 4 might. SpruceUP might.
    3). The above two programs.

    Caution. Video Pack is expensive. SpruceUP will produce a .vob file which if burnt to CDR produces a format called MiniDVD. not many DVD players support this. If burnt using DVDR then it will produce exactly what you are asking for except for 1) which is really a tall order.
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  3. Actually, MGi VideoWave and even Windows ME Movie Maker have automatic scene detection, but neither will output each detected scene to seperate MPG files all at once, as far as I can tell.
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  4. What you are asking for doesn't exist.

    Even "2" doesn't really exist.

    Separate MPEG files WILL NOT play back seemlessly on most hardware players. I've explained why this is so many times and will not go through it again.

    The best way of creating "chapters" on a VCD is to use ONE big mpeg track and using "entrypoints" to point to the "chapters".

    What is your goal? What are you trying to do? For almost all aspects of VCD creation (including creation of very complex menus and other forms of interactivity) can now be created with freeware tools exclusively. There is no one program, however. A combination of proggies are needed.

    Michael Tam
    w: Morsels of Evidence
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  5. M2-Edit v3 from Mediaware Solutions will do numbers 1 and 3 of what you are asking for. Current version is v4. Pro level is USD695, they used to have a Lite level (for v3) but that's not on their web page and no idea what it cost (it may have only been for bundling with hardware).

    It can automatically find the scene changes, it's under Tools (called ShotFinder) in the Storyboard window. You need to create a new storyboard before starting the ShotFinder, otherwise the clips are added to those already on the storyboard. Then you can "Publish" the storyboard shots from the Storyboard File menu, which creates an HTML/web page that has thumbnail jpeg images of the beginning of each scene and clicking on the thumbnail links to an mpeg clip of that scene. The created jpegs and mpeg clips are easily accessible as individual file on your disk in whichever folder you tell it to do the Publishing.

    It doesn't do any encoding/re-encoding (to VCD etc), it just chops the mpeg video into clips. So you end up with the same format and resolution as what went into the editor. The clips can of course be re-encoded by other programs/tools to whatever format you need.
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