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  1. It gives me this error when I try to open a frameserved file. I have done the things in the "How to frameserve" I have also tryed to set priority on DirectShow Multimedia File Reader to 0 and 2 but stil....

    What to do?
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    Have you installed the VFAPI plugin for TMPGEnc?

    Download it from
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  3. yes I have, I have just installed the handler, the proxy thing, the VFAPI plugin and the pivMJPEG codec again and still not supported
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  4. Same thing here. D2V isn't supported. I've loaded everything I know to, Divx, Nimo, etc. but no luck. I can't remember what I did last time to get it to read those files.
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  5. Are you frameserving using VirtualDub?

    If so, take a look at the newbie thread relating to problems with frameserving from virtualdub to tmpgenc... The solution was to downgrade a version or two of VirtualDub (I use 1.4.7), and it works perfectly.


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  6. I'm using Smartripper, DVD2AVI and TMPGenc DVD2AVI is all that changed. When running that program to do its thing, I don't get the same info as I did before. I may restore from a backup in case it's just an ini file that got overrwitten. I've looked through the newbie posts and some of the message board, nothing yet though.
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