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  1. Hi,
    this is my first post here.
    The problem is to burn DVB stream into dvd whitout encoding.
    The stream is in mpg format and audio @48.000 Khz.
    No problem with streams @ 704 x 576 (pal), the authoring software create a perfect iso dvd image (without encoding video).
    I've some problems with 480 x 576 video streams and audio @ 48.000 Khz. This is not standard resolution for dvd and dvdpatcher doesn't work perfectly.
    I've patched the stream with dvd patcher, last version, (entire file, header only doesn't work) then add the video and audio (demuxed) and patch again for right resolution but fails to create dvd image...
    Thanks for help.
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  2. hi Darkio,

    What software do you use to authorise the DVD.

    If have a Siemens/Fujitsu DVB-S card and I use ProgDVB to record the broadcast. I recorded in mpeg but when MyDVD software it took ages to convert it. Then someone sugested to record in PVA format convert this with PVAintr... to mpv and mpa and the authorise it with MyDVD this goes a faster (2hour dvd in 1 our to a DVD (PIII@667Mhz Ricoh MP-5125A)).

    Do you have a faster way???
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  3. Hi,
    I also use ProgDVB for capture and MyDVD for authoring. Problem is that MyDVD will accept full D1 no probs, but when I get a 576x544 it takes a while to process but the file isa massive. It works ok on standalone and ps2, but think that audio is pcm (hence big file). Am trying to use Spruc and TMPGEn to get smaller files (as these will compress audio) as currently it has to go onto two 4.7 disks. Currently I record in pva, then use Instrument o to conv to mpeg2, then feed into MyDVD. Any thoughts on how to feed into Spruc as it says is invalid format. Probably due to 576x544 and its not full D1. Any thoughts.

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