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  1. Can you rip DVD rentals from these places or wil the vob files be Loveed up when ripped
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  2. the only movie i ripped from a bought dvd was the matrix..every other movie i ripped is a movie i it's no long as the bottom of the disc is clean enuff for smartripper to's fine..or if smartripper can't read it initially, try cleaning the bottom...but there's absolutely no diff. between a bought dvd and rented dvd
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  3. You can definitely rip them. I got one of Blockbusters 30-DVD rental cards and ripped around 25 movies... not bad for $19.99 haha. The only thing, like poopyhead mentioned, is you may find alot of scratched discs in rental stores. (I especially found this to be true with Playstation cd's.)
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  4. heh....that blockbuster 30 dvds/30 days for $20 is great, huh....

    too bad their late charges r killer...who wants to goto blockbuster every day...
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