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    Sadly, this method proves useless for me insofar as VirtualDub will not read my .AVI files. I use Ulead Media Studio Pro and a digital camcorder. Alas, VirtualDub bounces right off the .AVI files thus created.
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    I used this method to fix a copy of 12 Monkeys that had a drift problem due to a frame rate of 23.976. Worked like a charm!
    As I am a relative newbie to the world of VCD's I thought the problem was something I was doing wrong. Thanks for the great guide!
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  3. Those whose audio starts after the video can load their AVI first n Windows Media Player and count off the exact milliseconds it takes before the sound begins, pausing the whole movie until the exact location is found (write down the time). Next, load up the whole AVI in V-Dub and extract a WAV file, then load that it in CoolEdit. Because CoolEdit give exact millisecond readout of your wave, you can find out if there is just silence in the file before sound begins or what is going on. Next add whatever milliseconds silence is needed to the WAV and save the WAV as a new file in CoolEdit. Reload the original AVI and use the newly created WAV to remux with your favorite program (TMGPenc, for instance), using the WAV as the audio for the newly created AVI.
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