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    Hey all.

    I'm trying to convert a mpg video to a DivX Avi file using Virtual Dub. Everything is fine until I hit 'Save Avi', and I get this message:

    You are trying to compress with a Hacked Compression Driver. This may cause Virtual Dub to act or crash unexpectedly. Proceed at your own risk.
    First of all, how did I get this hacked compression drivers? Second of all, how the hell do I get rid of these?

    Thanks in advance.
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    just ignore it. It just means that your encoding with divx 3.11, which is technically a hacked version of microsoft's mpeg4 codec. It used to say the same message for me if i encoded to divx.
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  3. Sounds like you have Crystal Studio Mpeg-4 hacked Divx codecs, go get the Nimo codec pack and install it should overright those codecs with Microsofts Mpeg-4 drivers, I had the same problem until I got this pack, now I run WIN98 so before I installed the NIMO Pack I went clicked on my computer, click on control panel and clicked on audio video driver codecs, inside your see one that says video codecs, click on the + to open and view all codecs

    WARNING - be careful what you delete in here.

    find the codecs that say KS MPEG-4 divx 1
    KS MPEG-4 divx 2
    KS MPEG-4 divx 3

    click on each one at a time, click on properties and click on remove, remove these and nothing else, then reboot and install the Nimo pack, it has every divx, mpeg-4 and any other avi codec you can imagine.
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  4. Guest
    All right, something messed up happened. I installed the Nimo Codec pacs, and when I try compressing the Audio, the
    DivX Audio
    has been replaced with
    WMA Audio v1
    WMA Audio v2
    Any suggestions? Thanks.
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