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  1. I've used 12a, 12f and 12g, but now that I'm trying 12h, it is crashing on me. The specific error is:

    Read error occurred at address 00479823 of module 'tmpgenc.exe' with D47C7BDE.

    I've tried about 6 times with a specific movie and it crashes everytime, just in different sections of the process.

    I'm running on a Dual 1GHz PIII and have MMX, MMX2 and SSE enabled as well as the multi-CPU and extra functions enalbed, although disabling all of these has no effect.

    Any suggestions? I'm really looking for the best encoding and 12h "claims" to be better than the previous versions.


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  2. It crashes on me also.
    I was trying to encode to VCD (film)
    it crashed like 5 times.
    One time i got the blue screen of death
    another the illegal call in tmpeg.exe
    and then floating point errors.
    I have a p3-450 256ram win98se
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  3. switch back to earlier version of tempgenc
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