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    Whenever I convert an AVI to MPEG-1 and try to burn it with Nero 5.5, I get an error when it finishes checking the file that says the file I just made isn't VCD 2.0 compatible. OF course I just turn off 2.0 compliance in Nero and burn anyway and I haven't had any problems viewing the VCD, but seeing that error every time makes me wonder what I'm doing wrong. Especially since the settings are all set to make a compliant VCD. I'm setting it up in TMPEG with: 44khz audio, 352X240, 29.97fps. I do leave the aspect ratio set at VGA 1:1 since (knock-on-wood) I haven't had any problems with that yet. Also, in the Systems options, I leave the stream output type as MPEG-1 because isn't an MPEG-1 file that meets all the specifications for VCD actually a VCD?
    If anybody knows let me know
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    In TEMPEnc there is a button (i'm talking about 12A here), middle button of the three located in the bottom right hand corner. It is labelled LOAD. Click this and select the VCD MPEG compatable with either NTSC or PAL.

    unless you select this option you are just creating a compressed MPEG version of your movie, without the VCD compliancy added.

    Hope this helps
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