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  1. i am using panasonic encoder 2.5 standalone and would like to know what odd and even field will do to the output mpg?
    will it play smoother? also how can you make vcds look less blocky in tmpgenc?

    City Hunter.
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  2. Odd fields = field 1, and even fields = field 2. Field 1 plus field = frame 1. Also, odd fields, lines 1,3,5,7 and so on. Even fields, TV lines 2,4,6,8 and so on. In other words INTERLACED video. In the VCD standard, you cannot have interlaced video, so you can choose field 1, field 2, or the sum of the two.

    As for blockiness in VCD's. Because of the low bitrate, you have to try to use every bit effectively. You do this by reducing all the video noise you have, and if that is not enough, then you have to reduce the detail in your video to give more bits to changes in the video instead of details. In Tmpeg, turn on the noise reduction filter. Then play with the three settings in that filter to give you best quality picture yet minimum blocks during action video. You have to use trial and error to find your best settings.

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