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    it's Derrow's homepage for ifoedit,

    you can try out the ifoedit's guides first on trying to rip a dvd into 2 dvd-rs
    i tried that for a few hours, none successful so gave up and bought his dvd split and dvd burn, works like a charm
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  2. Sylpheed

    Maybe you can help me. I bought the DVDSplit and DVDBurn. everything goes well but I'm not sure how to burn. I do have the latest version on Nero, do I have to open Nero than DVDBurn? do I burn through DVDBurn (the "Burn" button is grayed out) any help would be appreciated.
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  3. all you need to have is nero installed, you don't need to open it running

    there's a few buttons there, burn, full erase, erase, and one more, if the burn button is grayed out, make sure your settings are correct, like which drive is your dvd drive, your data you wanna burn, and make sure the dvd you put in the dvd recorder is recordable,

    click on erase if burn is greyed out, sometimes dvdburn doesn't detect it properly, after erasing, it should work nicely
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    I just wanted to say that it worked great for me, i've tried other methods but they all sucked, this one is the best. :P
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