WMV -> DivX 5.0.2 Tutorial
Authored by: Kenetik [with help from this guide]

*WARNING*: You must have lots of space on your hard drive. For every 1mb of WMV it takes 100mb to convert. So make sure you have enough space available! (eg. WMV File Size = 13mb, AVI File Size = 1.3GB)

Files you will need:

DivX 5.0.2 Codec

[ Step 1 ] In GraphEdit go to [File] > "RenderFile" option and choose your WMV file.

[ Step 2 ] The default graph should be built for you.

[ Step 3 ] Delete any filters after (but not including) the Windows Media Audio Decoder filter.

[ Step 4 ] Delete any filters after (but not including) the Windows Media Video Decoder filter

[ Step 5 ] Insert the AVI Mux Filter. [Graph] > "Insert Filters" ([+] Direct Show > AVI Mux)

[ Step 6 ] Link XForm Out of Windows Media Audio Decoder to Input 1 of AVI Mux. (You have to click the small box to the right of XForm Out and drag it to Input 01 of AVI Mux)

[ Step 7 ] Link Windows Media Video Decoder filter Out to Input 2 of AVI Mux.

[ Step 8 ] Insert a new filter called "File writer" from DirectShow section and choose a file name (make sure to save it as a *.avi).

[ Step 9 ] Link the AVI Out of AVI Mux to the In of your file writer.

[ Step 10 ] Right-click the AVI Mux filter and choose Properties.

[ Step 11 ] Choose the Full option of the Interleaving section and click Apply, then OK (this makes the sound and video match up and is the whole point of the AVI format).

[ Step 12 ] Press the play button.

[ Step 13 ] Wait until the play button is active again - this means the thing is finished (you can right-click on AVI Mux and look at the Current Position and Duration count to see how far in seconds the conversion has progressed during the conversion).

Now, what we just did was uncompress the WMV file into a AVI. This AVI file is huge, so it is raw and perfectly editable. The next thing we have to do is compress it. We are going to compress it to a DivX 5.0.2 AVI. This file will be smaller than the original WMV and just as clear. With this new AVI you can make (S/X)VCD's, DVD's, etc. Now go ahead and load up VirtualDub!

[ Step 1 ] Go to [File] > "Open Video File". Find the .avi the you just uncompressed.

[ Step 2 ] Under [Audio] select "Full Processing Mode".

[ Step 3 ] Under [Audio] go to "Compression". In the left box, select "Mpeg Layer-3". In the right box select "128kBit/s, 44,100 Hz, Stero.................16KB/s".

[ Step 4 ] Under [Video] select "Compression". Then select DivX 5.0.2 Codec and press OK

[ Step 5 ] Press F7 and name it whatever you desire.

Doesn't it feel good to have a nice clean DivX?