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  1. Would like help regarding MPEG2 capture. Have tried Dazzle DVC II but could never get PC to recognize card. Tried Hauppague Win-TV-PVR--what a piece of junk! Returned both.

    My old Pinnacle DC-10 card still works perfectly but the conversion to MPEG2 is long.

    Any comments? Would really like to get Dazzle to work since I heard more positive comments.

    Any help for hardware would be appreciated. Otherwise could I get comments on successes AVI to MPEG2 to SVCD via Nero???? Thx
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    As you never specified in what pc, system etc. you are using - I'll speak more in general terms.

    The main conflict that dazzle has is when you install it that it occupies an IRQ that is already in use. This usually can be resolved by changing the card to another PCI slot. Always make sure that the DVC II has it's own IRQ.

    Secondly the installation of the software is important. One does have to install all the software in a specific way, meaning first this, then that etc.

    I suggest you look at
    which has many of the issues you encountered.

    In summary all I can say is that once you get the DVC II actually working, you'll love it - No, I don't work for them
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