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  1. I have just created a 10 minutes long movie with imoive, and it won't let me export into quicktime. Can someone help me with that?
    What software do I need in order to create a svcd or vcd with my mac G4? Toast 5?

    Any help will be great

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  2. yes, The easiest way is to install Toast 5. It includes a plug-in that allows you to export to VCD straight out of iMovie. Works nicely.
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  3. Although Toast 5 will work, I was really disappointed with the quality of the VCD as others have mentioned as well. SVCD is currently not available on the mac. There are steps necessary which, at the moment, can only be done on a PC(software not yet available). Check the forum for methods of getting SVCD using Virtual PC. It will require multiple steps, but I've heard it looks great.
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