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  1. I am posting this because I keep running into the same problem, and I know a lot of people have ATI cards, so I hope someone has seen this and can help. First, my system:
    ABIT BH6
    192MB RAM
    ATI AIW 128 16MB PCI
    Sound Blaster Live! Value
    Win98 SE

    Every time I cap avi's through avi_io or virtualdub, I get great looking avi's, but the sound has clicks and pops in it. I have tried raising and lowering the recording volume on the line-in, but this does not seem to fix the problem. I can clean up the files after extracting the audio to a .wav file in Cool Edit 2000, but what a PAIN. I have the latest drivers except ATI, which I have the 6292 drivers.

    ANY suggestions??

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  2. Ooops! I feel like such a newb! I did a little more thorough checking, and found that it may be the PCI Latency issue. I'm gonna set it to zero tonight (if it's not already) and see how it goes. Gotta reinstall the SB Live! I ripped out first though.

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  3. Sorry, I'm new here...
    But how could I capture AVI with VirtualDub using a AIW 128 Pro?
    Thanks in advance.
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  4. i have an ATI awi 128 pro too..
    but when i capture in vitualdub or try to newayz it says cannot connect to capture drivers anyone have that problem?
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  5. use the 6292 drivers. they have VFW support you need for virtualdub.

    or install the WDM->VFW wrapper. search the forums for how to do it directly, or in win98/me install webTV then uninstall it.
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  6. use the 6292 drivers. they have VFW support you need for virtualdub.

    where do i get those drivers?
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  7. how about at ....
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  8. (oops, double post)

    <font size=-1>[ This Message was edited by: patrickm on 2001-07-04 10:51:38 ]</font>
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    What kind of soundcard are you using ???
    Are you looping a cable across the back or using an internal cable from the video card to the sound card ??
    Try using the internal cable in a different port on the sound card. that's all for now.
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  10. i have win2k..
    will that work?
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  11. nope. you gotta get the WDM-VFW wrapper installed to use VFW with that card in 2k.
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  12. the who the what?
    this is harder then i thought
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  13. "WDM VFW wrapper" search for it. we've answered this at least 20 times. easy ways to get it - webTV, webcam software, or look around for how to do it directly (more tedious, req's you to download specific files and add keys to the registry)

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