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  1. I have been getting pretty good results using my PV256 mpeg card and capturing @ 4500 bitrate vbr. It's as good as the original and I can get all 2 hrs of an old vhs movie tape on one 4.7 gig dvd-r. I usually do some editing with mpeg2vcr and use Ulead movie factory to author menus if I want to and burn it on my Pioneer 104 with movie factory. It's quicker than the old method I used of software rendering and the like and I am getting results that I can live with.
    ASUS p4c800
    1 gig ddr 400mhz ram,2.6 P4 800mhz fsb
    15gig,40gig ata100's
    pvr250 capture card
    Geforce4 128mbddr mx440 video card
    Datavision TBC3000 time base corrector
    creative live sound
    Sony U10A dvd-rw,sony crx-160e cd-rw
    windows XP
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  2. Originally Posted by bshelkey

    I now have the Canopus ADVC-50 (<$200), it captures in MPEG1/2 at 29.97FPS. No encoding or converting, just capture and burn. NOTE: If you capture MPEG2, make sure your system has the horsepower to process without dropping frames.
    I have a Canopus ADVC-100 which is similar to the 50, and it is my understanding that these cannot capture to mpeg2 directly. It captures to a DV format AVI file. If you want it in mpeg2, you have to use something like TMPGenc.

    If this is incorrect, I'd like to know it.

    The quality of these converters is superb!

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    I run an S-video line into my ATI8500 and now with their 7.7 drivers, the VideoCD format capture option works great for perfect MPEG1. Without the Canopus doing it's magic, I always had AV sync drift and the video had blockiness. Also I would get "ATIMMC has caused errors and will be terminated" without the Canopus massaging the stream.
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    "Yes VCD is VHS-TV quality.
    Both me and especialy a friend of me have ended-up with some VERY good 1150 VCD films, Those who claims it is not,

    Wake up and change hobbies."

    If thats what you believe, time to get a new monitor (or glasses)!!! Oh, and an English tutor.
    I don't have a bad attitude...
    Life has a bad attitude!
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    Originally Posted by Valnar
    Over on the, there is a guy named Ken Hotte who modifies Zoltrix TV Genie cards and makes the input/output quality phenomenol.
    i cant find this ken hotte in the forum.
    what is his nickname?
    im very interested in learn about the zoltrix modification thing. cause i have one too.
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